Worlds Fastest Motorcycle DVD on Sale

The three most sophisticated motorcycle streamliners in the world went head to head on the Bonneville Salt Flats in September 2006 with one goal in mind: break the motorcycle world speed record of 3222.870 MPH.

It was a historic week. One never seen before. One unlikely to ever be repeated. The 2006 Internation Motorcycle Speed Trials by BUB may never again be matched for its intensity, as perfect weather and track conditions played host to three of the worlds most outrageous motocycles. It was a week filled with incredible speeds, devastating disappointments, and unbelievable accomplishments. THE WORLDS FASTEST MOTORCYCLE DVD showcases a world known by few. A world that even fewer have the ability and determination to conquer.

After years of preparation and five days on the Slat Flats, it all came down to the FINAL FIVE MINUTES…

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