Wednesday September 2 was another frustrating day for the streamliners trying to break the World’s Fastest Motorcycle record.

Mike Akatiff, the current record holder with Rocky Robinson driving/riding is on the salt, but is not entered in the event and not planning to run.  Mike told me today that they didn’t even bring any race gas with them.  The Ack Attack is on display, and Rocky and Mike are having a good time without the pressure of having to run for the record.  Mike is looking forward to the private meet organized by Mike Cook which will be held later in the month.

Denis Manning and the 7 liner was out there early this AM.  Chris car did a one way run of 351 mph.  This is pretty good for the first run in a couple of years for 7.  It is also darn good with these salt conditions.  Manning overcame some electronics gremlins today and put in a good run.  The Bub crew was on the salt ready to go most of the afternoon, but wind was a factor and when they came up on 4 PM without a second run they were forced to give up until tomorrow.  The FIM allows a 2 hour turn around time for the second return run, so 7 had to run before 4 PM if they were going to try for the record.

Sam Wheeler ran in the middle of the day and did 289.  I have not spoken to Sam, but my guess is that the salt was just not good enough to go any faster.  I know they did leave the salt early to clean the salt out of the wheel wells, which tells me that the salt is still plenty damp out there.

There is only a half day left.  So if anything is going to happen, the fast guys have to be out there early so they can get in a decent return run.

We will be watching Bub forum early tomorrow AM.

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