Denis Manning at Shootout 2009

The record was not broken at the Bub meet last month.  Denis Manning’s 7 with Chris Carr at the controls ended up with a fire that put them out for the rest of the event.  It seems that they had an exhaust problem and burnt through some of the plumbing.  Chris lost electrical and chutes and had a tough time slowing the liner down, but he did  do it.

Rumors were that it would take months to fix the damage.  I spoke to Denis on the phone a couple of weeks ago and he said he would be ready for the 2009 shoutout…..I was surprised.  Denis sure wants this record back!!!

Mike Akatiff has decided not to run until he has to defend his record.  Sam Wheeler is waiting until next year.

So this week, Denis and the Bub crew headed to Bonneville to see what 7 can do with the new Goodyear tires.

The week started off slowly with a couple of slower runs by the Bub crew, and some minor problems with the engine.  And then at 2:30 PM Utah time, Chris laid down a run that was 362.742  entry into the traps, 367.809 average for the  mile trap, and an exit speed of 372.534  MPH!

That is fast and more than 10 MPH over the record, but they have to do a return run within two hours of breaking the timing lights.  Now the drama begins, and we will give you and update as soon as we know.

I know Mike is on the salt watching all of this.  Sam is back in Arcadia “watching” on the internet……..this is going to be good.

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