Today is the last day of the International Speed Trials by BUB.  The course will only be upen until 3:00PM today, so the crews were out early.

First to run was the 7 liner of Denis Manning.  At just a little after 8:30 AM, Chris Carr left the line for what appeared to be a good start.  At about mile 2 he aborted the run because one for the struts that hold the bike up at rest and low speed did not retract.  They went back to the pits for repairs and repacking of the chute.  Denis had the liner back in the line for another run in no time.  In less than an hour the Bub 7 liner starts another run.  This time the speed is 355.047.  At the 10 mile point only the pilot chute deployed……no main chute.  Chris had to downshift to slow the liner down.  He can’t use the brakes until he is below 60 or less.  He put out the skids and used them to slow down and comes to rest in the muddy end of the track at 11 miles and then some.  Chris knew that he lost all power, but he did not know that he was on fire!  The fire crew arrived and put out the flames.  Word is that an oil line came loose and caused the fire.  The Bub liner appears to be done for the day.  The damage seems to be too extensive.

Sam Wheeler is next in line behind the BUB liner.  At 10:15 he is moving down the course.  Sam goes through the traps at 323.627.  He may just do a return run because he can set an 1350cc class record if he does anything near this speed.  Sam’s bike is acutally a couple of classes down from the other 2 streamliners because its engine is  just under 1100 cc rather than 3000 like the 7 and the Ack Attack.  The class record for 1350 is only 178 mph.

In servicing the bike for the turn around, Sam’s crew finds that the impeller in a rear wheel driven water pump has ruined the pump.  Sam does not have a spare so he is done for the meet.

I spoke with Sam on the phone a few minutes ago and he says it won’t take much to fix things up.  The front wheel worked well and he is enthused that maybe that problem is behind him.  He also said he got great on-board video which is satisfying to me since we have been working on this end of things with him.  Sam is optimistic and looking to run again…….all he needs is sponsor money. He is open to any ideas [hint]!

I also spoke with Mike Akatiff on the phone as he was leaving the salt.  He was happy that he does not have to defend his record soon…….the story continues.   Denis is already scheming repairs, Mike is ready, but will keep fiddling.  Sam knows how to fix his pump problem……see you on the salt!!

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