Ack Attack Makes First run

The Ack Attack with Rocky Robinson at the controls was 2nd in line this AM at Bonneville.  Wind was a factor and the team waited about a half hour for it to die down the first run was at approximately 8:05 Pacific time.  Results were entry speed of 292 mph.   exit speed 307.

Here is a recap of what has happened in the last 2 days from

7:09 Nish Shut off at two
8:23 Nish Shut down – rough course
8:59 Speed Demon 413.537 mile   413.526  kilo  exit 422
9:39 Speed Demon 339 entry speed.   324 in the mile – turbo destroyed
9:48 Speed Demon Record – Kilo  363.847,  mile 363.673
10:02 Nish Engine off, coasting through the two mile – MSD box too hot
3:35 Speed Demon Entry 419, 417.430 kilo, mile 415
3:46 Speed Demon No return run turbo gone again
4:21 Spectre Full course run, no speed – lost a hose, alternator wire came off
4:29 Nish 154, exit 140 – lost a hose
5:40 Nish Car wouldn’t shift
6:34 Spirit of Rett Entry 410, kilo 417.023, mile 416.903, exit 422
7:09 Spirit of Rett Entry 405,   kilo 411.8,   mile 411.6 exit 417.6
7:15 Spirit of Rett Record – Kilo  414.477,  mile 414.316

Just before the Ack Attack run, the Spirit of Rett liner has broken the Summers Brother record which has stood for 45 years!  We are awaiting the final average of both runs, but it looks like it have been beaten by a fair margin.  The Summers record is 409.344 mph.  More details as we get them.

From   “Rocky reports the bike wanted to heel over to the right — even though there was no wind.  He also says “it wants to run!”.  Mike Akatiff and crew are thinking on how to tweak the aero now to correct for the little tilt.  Rocky had to get out of the throttle and back into it to keep it on the middle of the tire.

There was some smoke coming out from the tail section when the bike shut down here in the pits — it’s been decided it was just the heat wrap smoking.

They’re going to think about it — and maybe try to turn the bike around and make a run up the course in less than a half-hour.  The wind is still zero.  I’ve got photos — will put ‘em here after I click to let you folks read this.”

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