The TOP SPEED SHOUTOUT 2010 presented by LOCTITE started this AM at Bonneville. The event will run for the next week.

For motorcyclists, the big news is that Mike Ackatiff is going to try to take the Motorcycle LSR back from the Bub 7 liner. Denis Manning’s liner with Chris Carr driving took the record back from Mike at this event, and Mike and driver Rocky Robinson really want the record back.

The Ack Attack team have been doing lot of work on the liner and have spent weeks on the new dyno setup that Mike built in his shop. They have a new set of tail doors ready to go and have made many improvements.

Mike is very confident that he has the power and reliability this year to do the job.

The Ack Attack liner has not run yet on the first day of running as this is written. Wind was too high in the AM. Mike wants no wind at all and is waiting things out. The course seems to be in good condition and the weather is good.

The Ack Attack is the only motorcycle stream liner going for the record this year. Denis Manning will not take out his “7″ for a challenge unless he has to. Denis is not at Bonneville this week, and did not run at his own Bub event 2 weeks ago.

Sam Wheeler and the EZ Hook are not here as well. Sam is back in Arcadia CA, continuing to refine his liner and is seeking a major sponsor. Short of that he wants everything to be ready including some driveline changes and maybe a new motor.We will keep you updated as to what is happening on the salt this week.

The IGNITION3 team will be there later in the week to chronicle the Gold Eagle Brands effort to get the lawnmower land speed record back from the British team that snatch it from Bobby Cleveland and his mower last May.

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